Research and Development

FONDA's dialectic heart

“The unexamined life is not worth living”“

FONDA dialettica aims most of its efforts to scientific research. This activity is carried out in a partnership with OPTICS INTERNATIONAL, with 35 years of experience in fighting sight disabilities.

OPTICS INTERNATIONAL has the merit for having built strong synergies with research institutions and specialized institutes.
Together they have given life to an important international research group working in the field of disabilities. Sl4Life is the Innovation Hub for Basic and Applied Research on products and production processes. Its efforts are finalized on improving the quality of life standards of visually impaired persons.

Fonda invests its resources on industrial development and production of aids to bring the research results in the hands and before the eyes of the visually impaired.

Synergy with low vision professionals and the uninterrupted development and updating of our services guarantees an uninterrupted flow of information leading to a virtuous circle where research induces innovation, quality control guarantees the highest standards for the launched products and the strict contact between professionals and visually impaired persons is a source of fundamental information allowing for continuity in innovation.

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