Low vision asks for scientific means

professionistiThere’s a wide range of solutions and aids to help the visually impaired to overcome their problems. Consistent with the single patient’s needs, prescriptions may range from the simplest optical aid to the most complex optoelectronic systems. The choice has to be thoroughly analyzed, and the resulting answer will not only consider the clinical data regarding the residual visus, but will account patient’s psychological and intellectual situation. Both these aspects may strongly affect a patient’s clinical feedback.

The quality and precision of all FONDA produced optical aids and customer services are guaranteed.

This is a field where the role of the low-vision professional is crucial. The quality of any help reaching the patient is a function of the quality of information flowing from the low-vision professional to FONDA.

This is why FONDA privileges collaboration with those lowvision professionals that prefer a scientific approach in low-vision management. Hence, asking the highest precision and control. This results in high quality service that in turn translates into a hyperoptimization of visual abilities.

Upon registration to the low-vision professional will find exclusive ready to use free tools.

A FONDA professional can be recognized by his passion for precision and his love for science.



Collaborate with FONDA

For high-rank professionals

  • Quality and precision guaranteed
  • Certified custom made aids
  • Free online tools and services
  • Ongoing after-sale service


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