Eye protection

FONDA bb, nanometers controlled photoselective filters

Certificato di qualità dei filtriThe blue blocker photoselective filters are fundamental to protect the eye from UVs and blue light. Radiation of wavelength below 400nm is very dangerous because its high energy can produce photochemical reactions known to induce retinal damages.

FONDA bb filters can be provided with refractive error corrections, thus offering the patient a custom made aid.
Filters can be mounted on any frames or clip-on systems.
FONDA invests a lot in quality control.

The production of every single FONDA photoselective aid includes a quality control test that produces an officially recognized Standard European certification.

This documentation, including the measured transmittance diagram and the maximal transmitted radiations values, is attached to all FONDA bb products.

“UV and visible blue exposition is considered to be the main cause for many pathologies as well as a predisposing factor or an accelerating factor. This is why the prescription for these filters should be generalized, even for disease prevention and not just for not easily demonstrable sight improvements.”

Prof. Silvano Abati


Currently there’s no objective criterion for photoselective filters prescription; some trustworthy indication is given by the Abati-Migliori classification, that is quoted beneath each FONDA bb transmittance curve graph.


Classi filtri

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