To help eccentric fixation


FONDA far are magnifying prismatic lenses that, thanks to the synergy of prismatic effect along with magnification, help the eccentric fixation on PRL (Preferred Retinal Locus) identified from a distance.
These new lenses, realized with specific curvature and thickness, generate a prismatic effect that deflects the enlarged image (up to ca. +24%) in the parafoveal area.
The prism’s individual orientation along with the enlargement and the photoselective pigmentation, allows for an increase in depth of field, enhances the posture and boosts visual acuity up to +50%.
FONDA far lenses can be realized with the blue locker photoselective pigmentation to shield the eyes from UVs and blue light, optimizing sight capabilities. All lenses are anti-glare coated.
To obtain a correct prescription, patients must undertake the specific tests designed to identify the patient’s PRL as described in the “FONDA far prescription PROTOCOL”.

FONDA is always available to help the low-vision professionals willing to introduce this innovative aid in their visually impaired patients care. FONDA provides  training classes and non stop customer service upon registration on

Main FONDA far elements
Specific prism orientation:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
arrow Ease in parafoveal eccentric fixation,
posture enhancement.
Photoselective pigmentation arrow Enhancement in contrast sensibility and in
depth of field, reduction in dazzling, UV
Refractive error specific curvatures arrow Visual defect correction
Magnification range from +4% to +24% arrow Visual acuity and depth of field
OVERALL RESULT arrow Over +50% VISUS improvement


Far objects sight improvement systems comparative chart

Telescopic systems
stop Reduced field of view
stop Low contrast
stop Reduced luminosity
stop Bad ergonomics
stop Unaesthetic
stop Paramacular residual sight is not easily used
stop Not walking-safe



The main advantage of telescopic system lies in their hi-magnification capabilities,
up to 7.0x in binocular view

FONDA far*
vero Wide field of view
vero Increased contrast and depth of field
vero Increased luminosity
vero Exceptional ergonomics
vero  Aesthetically pleasing
vero Paramacular residual sight is eased and encouraged
vero Better stereoscopic vision
vero Walking-safe device
vero Improved autonomy and sense of freedom
stop Maximum magnification approx. +24%
 *FONDA far - Patent pending.



  • Binocular view
  • Magnifying prismatic lens
  • Prismatic power: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
  • Magnifying power: from +4,15% to +24,10%
  • Photoselective pigmentation
  • Cylindrical correction available

spuntaCustom made aid

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