FONDA micro

Microscope glasses with focal stabilization

FONDA micrcoKeeping a stable focal distance is a big issue for many low-vision patients, particularly using a high magnification aid.

FONDA micro guarantees an accurate focus, allowing a stable monocular vision for smooth and steady reading.

In many medium to medium-severe low-vision cases, FONDA micro can be chosen as an alternative to portable video enlargers. Thanks to its simplicity, it allows low-vision patients to wear high magnification visual aids that are ready to use while still being comfortable.
And it never discharges!

FONDA micro 20.0x is provided with an helical nut ring that allows the patient to adjust the focus plane..





  • Monocular vision
  • Microscope lens
  • Magnifications: 8.0x, 10.0x, 12.0x, 20.0x
  • Adjustable focus plane
  • Focal stabilization
  • Cylindrical correction available

spuntaCustom made aid

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